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Manifesting Success!
How to Decide What's Right for You and Five Steps to Make it Happen

The first step to achieve success is to sit down with yourself and honestly evaluate what it is you would like to do now, not five years ago, not last month, but now.

This powerful e-book will help you to evaluate your place in life, find your true calling, and to set up a pathway to success.

Table of Contents

Introduction -
How to Find What's Right For You

First Step -
Understanding Perception

Second Step -
Change the Perception of Who You Are

Third Step -
Life Evaluation Exercise

Fourth Step -
Visualization Exercise

Fifth Step -
Basic Meditation


Using the Power of the Mind to Shape Our Lives
Understanding the Tantra Sastra Teachings

As a human being, you have a part to play, and you can choose whether you will live in ignorance and be a puppet, or growing in knowledge and consciousness, you can liberate yourself into an identity with dynamic power, and thus freely participate as a conscious player.

The Tantric teachings are a collection of knowledge that guides us towards the understanding of reality, the universe, and the individual. The Tantra Sastra in particular, is way to view the world as power. Through the understanding of the Tantra Sastra we can gain a higher level of life, a new understanding of our place in this world and how to move forward, and we can learn to increase our potential as individuals, spiritual beings, and even increase our energy levels.

Table of Contents
Element One – “Power as Reality”
Element Two – “Power as Life”
Element Three – “Power as Mind”
Element Four – “Power as Matter”
Element Five – “Power as Causality and Continuity”
Element Six – “Power as Consciousness”

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New from Cafe Press
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